Welcome to the Southampton Master Plan Website
This website has been created to share information about the Southampton Master Planning process. As the plan is developed over the next four years, all planning documents will be posted to this website. Please visit frequently for new updates!
What is a Master Plan?
A Master Plan is a blueprint for the future. It is a comprehensive document that will guide development in Southampton for the next 10 to 20 years.
What is the purpose of the Master Plan?
A Master Plan will describe our long-term vision for Southampton, as well as how this vision will be achieved. Through this plan, we will communicate a sense of place and an understanding of what is unique to Southampton. The Goals, Strategies and Actions presented in the Master Plan will guide local decisions on public and private uses of land, as well the provision of public services. Many communities use Master Plans to budget capital improvements, to determine priority lands for open space acquisition, to prioritize zoning changes, and to promote economic development.
What topics will our Master Plan address?
A basic Master Plan addresses land use, housing, open space and natural resources, transportation, and public services and facilities. Other topics may include economic development, historic and cultural resources, energy, and food systems.
Why should I participate?
A successful Master Planning process relies on community participation. We need your help to identify major issues the town faces, and to brainstorm possible solutions. Also, we need your help to answer critical questions and to help create a vision for the future. What kind of place do we want Southampton to be? Where should future development occur in Southampton, and where should we try to limit development and preserve natural resources? What kind of development should we promote in Southampton, and where? What new or expanded public services will be needed in the future? Without your valuable input, we cannot develop a plan that reflects the needs and vision of the entire community.
How can I participate?
First and most importantly, you can participate by following the Master Planning process and by giving your input! You can follow the process by attending Master Plan Committee Meetings and by visiting this website frequently for the most up to date information and analysis. If you cannot attend Master Plan Committee meetings, you will be able to view key meetings live on Chanel 15, Southampton Community Access, and the Documents page of this website will contain links to video of meetings. Also, please share your input by participating in the Community Interviews, by completing a Community Survey, and by attending the Visioning sessions. Your input is also welcome at Master Plan Committee meetings and throughout the process.
Okay, I'm in. Where can I find more information?
To see more information on Master Plans, as well as all documents related to this process (data, maps, analysis, draft chapters, etc.) visit our Documents page! Also, visit the other links on this website to learn more about the Master Plan Committee, Consultant Team, Planning Process, Community Interviews, Community Survey and Visioning. Also, visit the Press page for outreach materials you can share with your friends and organizations you are involved with.
The success of this process relies on YOU!
Please talk with your neighbors about it and come out and participate!
Share your ideas for the future of Southampton!